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We are a Bonaire-based independent insurance advisor who will help you find the best possible solutions.

Our office is specialized in financial services. We would be happy to show you our way of working.

The client is central to our work methodology. Your personal situation and personal wishes are our guidelines. In this service guide, we will elaborate on this and will make you familiar with our office: Crooij and Flipse Insurance Mortgage & Pensions

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You can email us or make use of our contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon possible.


You can always call or Whatsapp us. We will gladly help you and provide you with advice.


Our office doesn’t have fixed opening hours. That’s why it’s always best to call, email, or Whatsapp. Kaya Opal 8, Kralendijk

Kaya Opal 8, Kralendijk


We will communicate with you in English, or if desired, in Dutch. This can happen in several different ways: a personal conversation at your home or our office, by email, by telephone, or via Skype. Let us know what your preference is.

We also send a newsletter 3 to 4 times per year.

Our office doesn’t have fixed opening times; when you wish to visit our office, it is best to call beforehand to make an appointment.

Our office is registered with various organizations. The most important of these are:

Memberships and registrations

Our office is registered with various organizations. The most important of these are:

Authority of Financial Markets (AFM)
The AFM (www.afm.com) officially supervises businesses active in saving, lending, investing, insuring, and pensions. Our office is registered with the AFM BES Register under member number

Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK)
We are registered under number 7806 in the business register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Our services

We have a license to advise and mediate financial products and services from various providers. Hereunder we will discuss the various services we can and may offer.

Damage insurance
Almost everybody has one or more damage insurance policies. This includes, amongst other things, insurance for the contents of your house or your car. You may also need damage insurance that will protect you against financial damage caused by, for example, fire, theft or liability. We have the authority to advise and mediate damage insurance. This of course means that in case of damage, we will be your first point of contact and will guide you through the process.

Life insurance
Life insurance comes in many forms., from simple insurance to cover the costs of a funeral to complex insurance to finance your pension. However, even insurance allowing you to pay off your mortgage debts on time can be considered a form of life insurance. We have the authority to advise and mediate life insurance.

Mortgage credit
When you buy a home, you will most likely need to get a mortgage. It is important to be well-advised at this point. You are, after all, committing to something long term. A consumer has to pay attention to many things when making a decision like this. Not only the interest rate, but also the period of the fixed interest and what the possibilities are with regards to early payoff of the mortgage. There are even more aspects which are important to be well-informed about. We have the authority to advise and mediate mortgages.

How do we decide on our advice?

Full advisory freedom
Our office has absolutely no obligation to recommend financial products from one or more financial institutions. This means that we maintain full advisory freedom.

Entrepreneurial freedom
No financial institutions such as banks or insurance brokers have any ownership interests or control over our business. This freedom to advise you as to your best interests goes hand in hand with our freedom as a business.

Choice of providers
There are many providers of financial products and services on the market. Often, these providers offer different financial products. The choice of company and product is dependent on the wishes of our client. The selection is made based on a number of criteria. Of course, the amount of the premium is taken into account. The quality of the conditions and our personal experiences of how the institution acts when a payout is requested are also important to take into consideration.

Payment of premiums

We function as a non-acquiring middleman. This means that the premiums you owe for the insurance policy (policies) taken out must always be paid directly to the insurer in question and not to us. For questions regarding invoices or other questions related to this, feel free to contact us.

Payment for services rendered

The payment that we receive for the services that we provide is largely based on a commission that we receive from the insurer supplying the product. This largely applies to damage insurance (home, content, car, travel, liability insurance, etc).

Some products will be mediated based on a previously agreed upon fee. This applies to Work Disability Insurance.

Prior to advising, we will clearly state how we will be compensated for our services.

We will also ask something of you

In order to offer you optimal service regarding your finances, we will also ask a few things of you.
Correct and complete information is very important. We rely on the information that you give us to give you the best advice. In our professional relationship with you, we kindly request that you, depending on the situation, inform us of any changes that may be of importance. This can include- but is not limited to- buying a new car, moving, new family members, emigration, marriage, renovation, selling your home, etc.

Overall picture
Your financial portfolio can best be compared to a puzzle. The picture is only complete when we know what all the pieces of the puzzle are. It is possible that you have already purchased certain financial products elsewhere and are also receiving guidance elsewhere. In order to fulfil your wishes as best as we can, we need to have a complete picture. This can prevent us from, for example, not alerting you to certain risks because we thought that you had already been advised elsewhere. That is why we kindly request that you help us to create an overall picture of your financial services package.

Personal Data
In order to fulfil your wishes with regards to your finances, we will need to ask you for certain personal details. We will, of course, treat these with the utmost care.

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