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Let us take over your worries

We are a Bonaire-based independent insurance advisor who will help you find the best possible solutions.

Why Crooij & Flipse Insurance

Personal Persoonlijk

It is important to us that you feel understood and that your wishes are fulfilled.


We weigh up all the pros and cons of each broker to find the best solution for you.


Feel free to stop by for an introductory meeting. There will be coffee waiting.

How we work

Unlike large brokers that only push their own product, we listen to your specific wishes.
After an introductory meeting we search for the best options.
We do this independently and, whilst you relax in your hammock, we find the best solutions for you.

How it works

Everything starts with a conversation. So that we know what is important to you and what we should look out for. With your wish list in hand, we look at all the options to see what will be the best fit. We don’t limit ourselves to one provider; we do our utmost to find the best solution.
After this, we will present our findings to you and it will be apparent that we have truly listened to your wishes.

Crooij and Flipse Insurance

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