Your family and health are everything to you. It is therefore a good idea that you and your loved ones are always protected against the most common risks. At any time during your life, but also afterwards.
In addition to basic insurance, you can also opt for additional coverage. Are you curious which ones are useful for you? We are happy to advise you. As an independent advisor, we arrange the insurance that best suits your personal situation. This way you are well insured with an appropriate premium. Moreover, you know for sure that you do not have unnecessary insurance.

Accident insurance

Because accidents can never be predicted

Sadly, it isn’t always possible to prevent accidents. Many accidents happen at home or at work. The consequences can be dramatic, such as permanent disability.

Accident insurance will pay out a previously agreed upon amount if you are permanently injured or killed during an accident.
The insurer will decide on the amount to be paid based on a percentage rating of the suffered injury. If you, for example, are completely blinded, the insurer will pay out 100% of the amount. If you lose a pinky, the handicap will be deemed less severe and you will receive a smaller part of the agreed amount.
Are you looking for accident insurance with a good premium and good service? We will offer you a great solution.

Funeral insurance

A well insured and well taken care of funeral.

Death is often unexpected. We all have to face it sooner or later, because death is part of life. Nobody likes to think about it, but it is necessary. You don’t want your family to have to worry about the costs of your funeral, do you?

The price of funerals has increased drastically in recent years. A very modest funeral will already cost around $7,000. With funeral insurance, you will ensure that your family won’t have to deal with these costs.

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Bereavement insurance

A financial safety net for your bereaved

A lot changes for the bereaved after a death. Despite the loss, surviving family members have to move on. A death often has a direct impact on the financial situation of a family. It’s possible that one income is lost and that extra costs are incurred for, for example, day cares for children.

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Health insurance

Healthy coverage for your medical costs

(Almost) everyone has right to basic insurance on Bonaire. We will gladly inform you as to what this basic insurance covers and the possibilities for extended coverage.
An important thing to think about is the limited coverage that basic insurance offers when you are overseas, for example when going on holiday. Travel insurance can help prevent big problems.

Insurances for Family & Health

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