Damage & Costs

Running a business involves many internal and external risks that can harm the continuity of your business. To exclude the most common risks associated with your entrepreneurship, we tailor insurance policies to your personal preferences.
In addition to basic insurance, you can also opt for additional coverage. Are you curious which ones are useful for your company? We are happy to advise you. As an independent advisor, we arrange the insurance that best suits your personal situation. This way you are well insured with an appropriate premium. Moreover, you know for sure that you do not have unnecessary insurance.

Company damage insurance

Company damage insurance covers fixed costs and loss of profits

It’s already extremely unpleasant when your business is affected by unforeseeable acts of God. But your building and inventory/goods insurance doesn’t cover damage caused when your company’s operations grind to a halt. If you want to cover that risk, take out a company damage insurance policy.

Company damage insurance covers the largest part of your fixed, continuous costs and offers reimbursement for loss of profits. The costs that you incur maintaining and restarting your company activities are covered by this insurance.

Prevent worse with company damage insurance

Company damage insurance protects the continuity of your company in case of fire or other disasters. We will gladly help you make a risk analysis, so that you can conscientiously make your own decision.

Advantages of company damage insurance

  • Covers fixed company costs and the costs for the maintenance and restarting of company activities
  • Profit loss is also covered
  • Good premiums and outstanding conditions
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Extra costs insurance

Get back to business quickly after a disaster with extra costs insurance

If you, for example, have to restart your company activities at a different location after a fire, that will incur many extra costs. Extra costs insurance will reimburse the extra costs of your temporary company building and any appliances or devices you will need to rent. This means you can start up again quickly.

Extra costs insurance is primarily meant for businesses that only need a modest investment to restore their workplace; for example, if you don’t need your own company building to continue making profit. Extra costs insurance or a different solution?

Extra costs insurance does not cover loss of profits.

If damage will affect your profits, then company damage insurance is most likely more suited to your situation. Are you uncertain about which policy is the best fit? Ask us, we are happy to advise you.

Advantages of extra costs insurance

  • Coverage of temporary costs necessary for resuming your work
  • Suitable for businesses that do not need a company building for their activities
  • Good premiums and outstanding conditions
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Insurances for damage & costs

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