Rights & Obligations

As an entrepreneur, you can be held liable for choices that you or your employees make on behalf of the company. In order to keep the risk of this as small as possible, we tailor insurance policies to your own business operations.
In addition to basic insurance, you can also opt for additional coverage. Are you curious which ones are useful for your company? We are happy to advise you. As an independent advisor, we arrange the insurance that best suits your personal situation. This way you are well insured with an appropriate premium. Moreover, you know for sure that you do not have unnecessary insurance.

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance for advisory jobs

Do you work in an advisory position? Then an error made by you or one of your employees can have far-reaching consequences. With professional liability insurance, you will be sure that you are insured against asset claims as a result of, for example, bad advice.

Professional liability insurance is meant for anyone who fulfils an important advisory role in their work, including lawyers, notary publics, company advisors, or doctors. Both asset damage and possible defence costs are covered by professional liability insurance.

Professional liability is NOT the same as company liability.

Many entrepreneurs think that company liability insurance (AVB) covers all possible liabilities. This is a big misunderstanding: an AVB does not cover professional liability! Big damage often falls under professional liability.

Advantages of professional liability insurance

  • Coverage of professional liability to do with asset damage as a result of bad advice
  • Juridical costs and possible defence costs are also covered
  • Good premiums and outstanding conditions
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Director’s liability insurance

Director’s liability insurance protects private assets

Are you the director, trustee, or supervisor of a company?

Even an unintentional mistake or illegal or irresponsible behaviour of your fellow directors can result in you being held accountable. In these cases, your private assets can also be requisitioned. Director’s liability insurance will insure you against this risk as well as any juridical costs incurred in such a situation.

Are you at risk of being held accountable as a director?

We can only answer this question once we’ve spoken to you. If the answer is ‘yes’, then we can help you choose a great director’s liability insurance. Then you can be sure that, even if you are held accountable for a mistake, your private assets are safe.
You are welcome to call us for a free meeting.

Advantages of director’s liability insurance

  • Coverage of accountability directors, trustees, and supervisor
  • Juridical costs and possible defence costs are also covered
  • Good premiums and outstanding conditions
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Insurances for rights & obligations

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