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Wij vinden het belangrijk dat u zich begrepen voelt, en dat uw mensen worden vervult.


We weigh the pros and cons of all insurance companies to find the best solution for you.

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Everyone is welcome and we always find an insurance policy that matches your personal wishes.

About us

Our office specializes in financial services. We would like to show you what our method is.

You as a customer are central to our approach. Your personal situation and wishes are our guideline. We’re happy to tell you more about how we give substance to this and guide you through our office: Crooij & Flipse Insurances and mortgages.

John Flipse
Your advisor at Crooij&Flipse

Do you want to buy a house on Bonaire for private residence or as an investment and do you need a mortgage? Then I will guide you from A to Z. I will contact all the necessary authorities for you, indicate which information is required and I will be in regular contact with you about the progress. If you live abroad and want to build a house or buy an existing house on Bonaire, I can serve you even better with today’s technologies and ensure that you can complete the mortgage and follow the construction with peace of mind. .

Reinier Gunther
Senior advisor at Crooij&Flipse

How do we arrive at
an advice?

Full freedom
Our office has no obligation whatsoever to place financial products with one or more financial institutions. We are therefore completely free in our advice.

Entrepreneurial freedom

No financial institution, such as a bank or an insurance company, has an ownership interest or control in our company. This freedom to advise you on what we think is in your interest goes hand in hand with our freedom as an entrepreneur.

Choice of providers

The market has several providers of financial products and services. These providers often have different financial products. The choice of the company and the product depends on the wishes of our client. The selection hereby will be made on the basis of a number of criteria. Of course, this includes the amount of the premium. But also the quality of the conditions and the experience of how the institution behaves when a claim is made for benefits.

We also ask something of you

In order to optimally represent your interests in the field of financial services, we also ask a number of things from you.

Correct and complete information provision is very important. We depend on the information you provide us for our advice. In the relationship we have with you, we ask you, depending on current events, to inform us of changes that may be important. Think of car changes, relocation, family expansion, emigration, marriage, renovation, sale of a home, etc.

Overall picture
Your financial portfolio can best be compared to a puzzle. The picture can only be completed when all the pieces are known. It is possible that you have taken out certain financial products elsewhere and have them supervised elsewhere. However, in order to optimally represent your interests, it is important for us to have an overall picture. This prevents us from notifying you of a certain risk because we could think that you had already arranged this elsewhere. That is why we ask you to cooperate in perfecting the overall picture of your financial services package.

Personal data
In order to represent your interests in the field of financial services, we will ask you for a number of personal data. We will of course handle this with care.