Are you interested in a house on Bonaire or do you wish to build yourself? With CF Insurances you can easily calculate your mortgage online. After that, we are of course ready to personally answer any of your questions and to choose the most suitable mortgage.

Whether you are going to live on Bonaire yourself or if you want to buy a house as an investment, CF Insurances supports you throughout the entire process. From application and mediation to communication with appraisers, brokers, notaries and contractors.


Suppose you want to buy or refinance a home on Bonaire, it can be difficult to know where to start.

We help you realize this dream from start to finish. In order to do this as good and efficient as possible, we have close contacts with mortgage lenders, but also with banks, insurers, appraisers and civil-law notaries.

With the information you provide, we can assess as quickly as possible which bank and mortgage suits you best, because every bank in the Caribbean has its own acceptance rules and target group(s). This gives you a one-stop shop on Bonaire and you do not have to go to bank A, B or C to start a route.

For example, we do business with Central Mortgage Bank, CIBC, Vidanova Bank and Guardian. We check for you at which bank the mortgage application has the greatest chance of success and negotiate for you the interest and the conditions.

Together with our guidance from A-to-Z, our open communication structure and expectation management, we are happy to look for the best solution with you.

The bank may deem a term life insurance policy necessary. We take care of a good application on Bonaire and link the insurance to the mortgage.

Applying for a mortgage and insurance on Bonaire works a little differently than usual, so do you want advice about this? Please contact us.

1: How high is my maximum mortgage on Bonaire?

This is difficult to say and depends on several factors; for example the level of income, acceptance criteria of the banks and whether there is or will be rental income from the home. You can always make an appointment at CF Insurances to get tailor-made advice.

2: How much of my own money do I have to put in to get a mortgage on Bonaire?

Most banks indicate that 30% of the appraised market value must be contributed with own money, but in some situations this can also be less. In addition, there are also additional costs that you have to take into account, such as the 5% transfer tax, notary costs, appraisal costs and advice and brokerage costs for your mortgage. This percentage of 30% can also be lower, but that depends on all variables in the mortgage application.

An example:
A house costs $200,000. The mortgage is then 70%, so that’s $140,000. The additional costs are approximately $16,000. You must also pay these additional costs from your own resources. This means that you then have to invest $ 76,000 in your own money. However, this may also be less in some situations. Every request is tailor-made.

3: How do I collect this amount of my own money?

This can be savings from your private situation or from your BV or a loan from family/acquaintances. If you have enough equity in the Netherlands, you may be able to increase the mortgage in the Netherlands in order to realize the contribution of your own money.

4: Does a mortgage on Bonaire have the same conditions as in the Netherlands?

No, some conditions are the same, but mortgages on Bonaire also have different conditions than in the Netherlands. CF Insurances advises you about the various conditions.

5: Can I take out a mortgage in the Netherlands to buy a house on Bonaire?

No, banks in the Netherlands do not accept collateral on Bonaire as security.

6: Can I take out an interest-only mortgage on Bonaire?

No, the banks only want to take out an annuity mortgage. In very exceptional cases, a small part of the mortgage is provided interest-free, often with a short term.

7: How long does it take before my mortgage on Bonaire is closed?

If all requested documents are present and the application is not very complicated, there is a chance that you will receive an agreement within 5 working days. With the more complex applications it often takes longer and of course the processing time also depends on the bank where the application is running.

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