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We support you in choosing the right security. Below you can read more about the various insurance policies that we offer for owners associations. We are happy to personally discuss which insurance suits your situation best, which depends entirely on your wishes.

Home insurance

Home insurance for apartment complexes

Apartment complexes also need to be insured in the correct way to prevent problems in case of fires, storms, or other things that can destroy a building. Every apartment owner has their own sets of priorities, some may rent out the apartment or living space, and some may not. In order ensure that everyone in the owners association is in agreement, it is of the utmost to provide good and clear information.

Prevent underinsurance

It is very important to ensure that the reinstatement value of the apartment complex is correctly determined and regularly checked to prevent problems such as underinsurance. After all, you want to be completely covered in case of damage. We can help you and lay out all of the possibilities clearly for you. We can also create presentations for directors or members of the owners association, and can be reached directly by email or Skype, eliminating the issue of distance.

We take the desires of the owners association to heart when dealing with insurance.

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Inventory / content insurance

Don’t take any risks with things in the apartment.

We often are unaware of all the things in our house. The values of our homes’ contents are often severely underestimated. Just take a look at all of the devices, furniture, clothing, and collections you find in your home. With good content insurance, you will be insured against damage caused to the things in your home by fire, lightning strikes, theft, or water damage.

It’s often more complex for an owners association

Which contents belong to the owners association? Which belong to the person living in the apartment? In this case it’s also extremely important to adjust the policy in order to prevent problems in case of damage. We can go through the options with you and advise you regarding things you may not have thought about. Of course, we always strive to offer you the best prices and conditions. A collective contents insurance may be an option.

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Liability insurance

Times are changing, and people have higher and higher chances of being help accountable for something. Liability insurance is becoming more and more important in our daily lives. This is also the case for owners associations.

An owners association can be held accountable, for example, if a balcony collapses, causing damage to a third party. Or for an entrance that is stalling, causing damage to third parties. This can be either material damage or injury. Accountability is and will remain a difficult concept seeing as it is not always easy to determine when one is accountable. Because it’s such a grey area, it’s even more important to cover the accountability risk with insurance.

The conditions and premiums can vary greatly and good guidance is very important. We can look at the possibilities together with you.

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