As an entrepreneur, you want to arrange things well for yourself, as well as for any partners and employees. To exclude the most common risks associated with your entrepreneurship, we tailor insurance policies to your personal preferences.
In addition to basic insurance, you can also opt for additional coverage. Are you curious which ones are useful for your company? We are happy to advise you. As an independent advisor, we arrange the insurance that best suits your personal situation. This way you are well insured with an appropriate premium. Moreover, you know for sure that you do not have unnecessary insurance.

Work disability insurance

Work disability insurance for entrepreneurs.

The consequences of work disability are huge, especially for entrepreneurs. If you become unable to work as an entrepreneur or freelancer, the government still operates under the assumption that you have managed your own affairs. We offer work disability insurance for entrepreneurs for this specific reason.

Did you know that one in ten entrepreneurs faces work disability every year? If it happens to you, it’s better to not have to worry about your income. If you have to fully or partially stop working due to disability, your income (or part of it) will dry up. Work disability insurance will pay out a certain amount each month so that you can keep on living without financial concerns.

Managing your own work disability as an entrepreneur

Because you cannot rely on social insurances, it’s important to be well-informed about your own risks and the consequences of possible work disability as an entrepreneur. We will gladly help you make your decisions. Feel free to contact us for an advisory conversation.

Characteristics of work disability insurance for entrepreneurs

  • Security of income for entrepreneurs
  • Monthly payouts in cases of full or partial work disability
  • You can choose the amount and duration of your payouts
  • You can choose between different kinds of coverage
  • Good premiums because we find the best offers for you
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Business travel insurance

Worry-free travel with business travel insurance

Do you or your employees ever go on business trips? Don’t forget to request business trip insurance. Many people do not realize that private travel insurance does not cover you if something happens during a business trip! Moreover, business trips often have higher financial importance and therefore a larger financial risk. With business travel insurance, you will be protected against this. Even if you or your employee suddenly have to come home and someone else has to take your place.

Custom business travel insurance

You can make your business travel insurance as simple or as extensive as you want. For example, you can choose to have your medical costs covered. Or you can choose to have multiple people covered under one policy. Do you want to know what the best option is? Make a free appointment with us.

Advantages of business travel insurance

  • Extensive coverage of costs resulting from damage during business trips
  • Coverage can be extended when desired with, for example, cancellation insurance
  • Good premiums and outstanding conditions
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Life insurance

If you, as an entrepreneur, die unexpectedly, it will have huge consequences not only for your family but also for your business and business partners. Entrepreneur’s life insurance will offer financial security to those you leave behind.

In case of death, this life insurance policy will pay a previously decided upon amount to your family, your business partners, or the business. This will make sure that your family will not have to contend with financial risks and that the continuity of your business is ensured.

Life insurance is custom work

As an entrepreneur, you have to deal with personal and business risks upon death. Deciding on the right coverage of your life insurance policy depends on many factors as well as your personal wishes and possibilities. Depending on the amount of your chosen coverage, a medical examination will be carried out.

Characteristics of life insurance for entrepreneurs

  • Will pay out a previously upon amount to those you leave behind
  • Will ensure the continuity of your company after death
    Can cover one or two lives
  • You can decide on the amount of the payout and the coverage period
  • Possibility of a premium waiver when work disability is also covered
  • Security for those left behind and an attractive premium
    We advise you and compare the best offers on the market
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Partner’s insurance

Life insurance for business partners

If you have a business partner, you are largely reliant upon them. You strengthen each other, decide on strategies together, and are make important decisions together. But what if your business partner passes away? In these cases, partners insurance can offer a solution.

When a partner dies, their heirs will take over his or her part of the business. This can endanger the continuity of the business. Partners insurance will pay the surviving partner a certain amount, allowing him to take over the shares of the deceased partner.

Partners’ life insurance is a logical choice

Partners’ life insurance is a logical policy. If you buy a house with your life partner, you insure each other’s lives. Why should it be any different when dealing with something of huge financial importance such as a company? Whilst life insurance will protect you in your private life, partner’s life insurance will do the same for your professional life.
Deciding on the right partner’s insurance coverage depends on many business and personal factors. We are happy to help you make your decisions. Feel free to contact us for an advisory discussion.

Advantages of partners insurance

  • Will pay out a previously agreed upon amount to the partner
  • Life insurance partner can cover one or two lives
  • You can choose the duration and amount of your policy
  • Partner insurance can be adjusted at any time
  • Good premiums because we compare the best offers for you
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Collective accident insurance

A study done by the CBS shows that many more people fall victim to work-related accidents than traffic accidents. Do you want to offer your employees a helping hand financially in these situations?

Collective accident insurance will cover this for them.
Collective accident insurance will be paid out upon the death or permanent disability of an employee. By adding this insurance to your employee benefits, you will be regarded as an involved employer.

Collective accident insurance in company insurance package

Collective accident insurance is a simple product: you will only get 1 policy for your entire company and do not have to relay any information about hiring or retirement. You can even choose to insure people against accidents 24 hours a day. If you do this you will get a discount when adding the policy to your business insurance package.

Advantages of collective accident insurance for employees

  • Pays out in cases of death or lasting disability of employees during work hours
  • Can be extended to 24 hour coverage
  • Good premiums and outstanding conditions
  • Extra: add your collective accident insurance to your complete business insurance package and profit from extra discounts on your premium
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